On the street – Holles St, London

Spotted on the street in London, clearly a fan of Rugby Ralph Lauren, dressed for a cloudy and rainy July summers day.



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  1. It really is astounding how many have fallen for the Rugby trend. The point of trad/preppy/ivy style is that it endures by being classic and timeless rather than trendy. From the no socks with dress shoes, dreadful double monk loafers, short jackets, silly tattoos, bracelets for men and silly facial hair all will serve to represent a time – unfortunately our time.

  2. Thomas–

    While I want to agree with your thought about ‘trends,’ there are two reasons why I feel it would be wrong to cosign.

    First, like any other facet of culture, to suggest that there is a “dreadful” variant is just plain elitist. It would serve you well to remember that like William Carlos Williams saving American poetry, those double-monk wearing hipsters are breathing new life into a dead culture. The individualist nuances of bracelets (your addition of ‘for men’ seems redundant) or short jackets are the innovations that will be for the 2050’s what pompadours and sweatshirts and loafers were to the 1950’s. It’s still trad culture…be thankful they’re choosing rather than the crocs and sweats of most of America.

    Second, while not entirely true of trad, Ivy culture was in part based on those individual tweaks. Think ‘go-to-hell’ trousers, think Phineas wearing a school tie as a belt in John Knowles’ “A Separate Peace.”

    I say this not to stir trouble, but instead to remind you that those “silly-tattooed” hipsters are doing wonders for your team.

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